Volunteer Opportunities

Spanish medical

In addition to studying Spanish, volunteering is one of the reasons why travelers come to Quetzaltenango (commonly known by its Mayan name, Xela.)

At Celas Maya it is possible to combine Spanish classes with volunteer work without losing any study time. To gain even more experience with the culture and the Spanish language, it is possible to live with a Guatemalan family. The combination of Spanish classes, volunteer work and living with a host family is the best opportunity to immerse oneself not only in Spanish language but also in cultural experiences that will enrich your understanding of the environment.

There are literally dozens- maybe even a hundred- organizations that are always looking for volunteers. Everyone who is interested in doing volunteer work will find an organization with social, cultural and political projects that fit their interests. Every organization is more than happy to welcome new volunteers but most of them require a level of Spanish (basic, intermediate or advanced) and an available time (morning/afternoon, days/weeks/months). Our coordinator has knowledge of the organizations and can advise the student in finding the best possible volunteer placement.


  • Students at Celas Maya (in Xela or online) can have a consultation for volunteer placements as an extra and free service.
  • A basic conversation Spanish level and a minimum commitment of 4 weeks is required (take into account that organizations often have also their own requirements)
  • Groups, universities, agencies, etc. can contact Celas Maya for more information about prices and the opportunities.
  • Individuals who are interested in only doing volunteer work without having classes, and want to experience the Guatemalan culture by living with a host family, are also welcome at Celas Maya. The homestay without classes has a weekly cost of Q. 617.00.
  • For the volunteer opportunities, there is an extra tuition cost of Q400 weekly. This cost is used for the volunteer intermediation with the student, with the clinic, and sending a donation to the volunteer place where you work.


Celas Maya also has an excellent medical Spanish program. We work with several universities and their students, teaching them medical Spanish vocabulary during the lessons. We also have a small simulation clinic in our school, where you can practice examining and receiving patients, and focus on the language used by local people during consultations.
Besides that, you can involve in volunteering in local clinics, as we established cooperations with several (rural and urban) local health clinics. The cost of volunteering in the medical field stays the same, the extra tuition cost is of Q400 weekly.