Celas Maya’s clear vision is to be recognized as a Spanish education provider of high academic quality that is known for leadership & innovation in the methodology of teaching Spanish as a foreign language in a one-on-one immersion setting.

Celas Maya intends to establish & maintain an immersion environment for its students that is conducive to efficient learning.

Celas Maya intends to provide local teachers with the opportunity for economic sustainability, good working conditions, support and resources so that students have the highest quality learning environment possible.

Celas Maya intends to always be a socially & environmentally responsible institution of the community, seeking ways to help organizations dedicated to supporting Mayan initiatives, especially in the area of education and promoting & using environmental sustainable practices at our school.

Celas Maya intends to recognized & certified by the governing entities who regulate high standards of teaching Spanish as a foreign language.

Finally, Celas Maya seeks to be selected by individuals who wish to learn Spanish and Universities and businesses that have within their program the need to learn Spanish as a foreign language.

Ultimately, Celas Maya will strive to ensure that each student learns Spanish to best of their ability and their experience is positive & rich in cross cultural understanding of the Mayan culture.


Celas Maya’s mission is to create, develop and maintain a high standard of quality in our Spanish and K’iche language immersion programs. Our focus is on attaining successful results and offering valuable cross cultural experiences for our students.

We intend to accomplish these goals by implementing, maintaining and evaluating on a weekly basis the following objectives.

  • Provide a clean, safe, and pleasant environment for our students’ lessons and study.
  • Be responsive to the needs & objectives of our students.
  • Maintain the proven methodology that we have developed over the years but continue to innovate and improve upon our model.
  • Maintain a teaching team that is talented, highly skilled and experienced and that is diverse in gender, age and from different professional and cultural backgrounds.
  • Provide our teachers with support and assistance by maintaining good working conditions, providing quality teaching resources and periodic trainings. Improve our methodologies and work processes by way of teacher and student evaluation feedback.
  • Conduct weekly Quality Control evaluations of language classes, family homestay and activities & excursions by way of student surveys.
  • Expose all of our students to the history and culture of Guatemala by offering each student homestay and weekly activities & excursions with the intention of creating cross cultural understanding.
  • Use our resources to help our local community by working with organizations who support Mayan initiatives, especially in education.
  • Maintain and promote environmentally sustainable practices within our school.