University Credits

Thanks to the organization and quality of our courses as well as the accreditation of the Cervantes Institute, the certificates we extend are accepted by several universities in the United States for credits.
Here is the corresponding table.

LevelNo. of creditsEstimated study hours
Beginner I (español 100)375
Beginner II (español 101)250
Beginner III (español 102)250
Intermediate I (español 200)250
Intermediate II (español 201)250
Intermediate III (español 202)250
Advanced I (español 300)250
Advanced II (español 301)250
Advanced III (español 302)250

The student needs to:

  • Confirm with his/her own university whether they accept Celas Mayas certificate to get university credits.
  • Study a minimum of 3 weeks, 5 hours daily from Monday to Friday (25 hours per week). The number of credits obtained after the 3 weeks may vary depending on the student and the level.
  • Provide us detailed description of the course/study/university for which the credits are requested.
  • Take an exam and pass it.
  • Pay $50 for each credit.

For more information, please contact us (