Spanish Student Levels



For this level, no previous knowledge of Spanish is required. Spanish will be spoken from the first day of class and throughout the course students will learn how to express needs, to understand and use popular every day expressions as well as form simple sentences.

Students learn how to describe in simple terms, aspects from the present tense up to the conditional tense and their surroundings, as well as matters related to immediate needs. They are able to hold short conversations and using simple sentences talk about daily life, write postcards, simple letters and short stories.


Students learn how to talk about familiar matters and how to use communication strategies in order to hold conversations related from the present perfect up to conditional perfect , even the exciting grammatical topic known as the passive voice. They are also able to read simple general and literary texts as well as write letters and compositions about general aspects of daily life


Students will be able to give detailed information about general subjects, express themselves fluently and write long texts including the subjunctive. They are able to use communication strategies in order to hold conversations in different contexts and situations.


Students will be able to produce clear and detailed texts on relatively complex topics, as well as inferring implicit meaning in them. In the same way, they will be able to take part in any conversation or discussion and to recognize idioms, sayings and colloquial expressions.

Students will be able to express themselves fluently and convey subtle nuances with precision. If there is a problem they will be able to overcome it without anyone noticing. They will be able to write complex letters, reports and articles clearly and fluently, in an appropriate style and with a logical structure and effectiveness which helps the reader focus on the important ideas and remember them.