Spanish & Guitar

Guitar classes are the most recent innovation at the Celas Maya School of Spanish in Quetzaltenango.

With this breakthrough in our school programs, our aim is to offer our students even more options than our Spanish/Salsa and Spanish/Volunteering packages. These programs allow students to integrate their Spanish language skills into other activities and further develop the knowledge they have gained in classes.

The Spanish/Guitar Package is a true innovation in Guatemala because most schools do not offer a similar package and because we work with the teacher of the nationally recognized academy Eternal Moon & Recording Studio. The academy works exclusively with guitarists and the teacher has won international awards for his talent and music production.

In this way, students will not only learn Spanish, but they will also learn to play guitar. As one of the most important instruments in music, students of this course will learn how to play the guitar by learning the necessary techniques.

All of our students will have the same benefits as students of the Eternal Moon guitar academy:
Every month we have events with the students of the Eternal Moon Academy & Recording Studio.
Guitar workshops with professional Guatemalan guitarists.
Upon completion of study time, the student will have the opportunity to present and professionally record an original piece of music. This is an opportunity for students to demonstrate what they have learned in their time studying guitar, and it will also be a small memento of the time they spent with Celas Maya.
Special benefits in various activities including concerts and other musical events in which the Academy is involved.

For students who would like to take classes when the teachers are not available to teach at Celas Maya, Eternal Moon will gladly offer classes in their facility.

Tuition and Fees