Spanish Classes Online

Spanish for Travelers

This course is catered to the needs of people who are planning a trip to Latin America or Spain and would like to have a foundational understanding of Spanish prior to their trip. The content includes practical exercises like communicating in a bus station, a doctor’s office, a restaurant and also communicating with the reception staff in a hotel.

Spanish for Children

This special course for children is taught by professors whose primary profession is teaching children in primary school, but who have continued their education and practice to include teaching Spanish as a second language. The teachers understand the psychology of the child and their learning processes, and the teachers possess a wealth of knowledge and will integrate recreational activities into the classes in order to work at a pace and level that is appropriate and engaging for the child.

Spanish for Teachers

Spanish for Teachers is directed at primary school teachers who work with Spanish-speaking children and is taught by Celas Maya´s Spanish teachers who also teach in the community´s public schools.

Spanish For Spanish Teachers

A special Spanish course, just for people who teach Spanish as a foreign or second language! This course is heavily influenced by the grammatical analysis and visions of distinctive authors including but not limited to: Luis Oniveva Morales, Gill and Galla and the Spanish Royal Academy.

Offering you the fundamental tools of teaching Spanish as a foreign language in a didactic manner, Spanish for Spanish Teachers utilizes The Communicative Approach as well as other proven strategies for effective teaching that Celas Maya has developed over many years of experience.

Medical Spanish

We now teach Medical Spanish online! The course Medical Spanish or Spanish for Healthcare Providers is directed at physicians, nurses and students preparing to work in the healthcare field.

The teachers of this course have had specialized training in medical terminology, and this knowledge will be imparted to you, as a student of this course. Spanish for Healthcare Providers is classified in different areas: patient reception and interviewing, diagnosis, prescription and medical treatment.

Spanish for Lawyers

Spanish for Lawyers is a course specifically designed for lawyers who work with clients or defendants who have Spanish as their first language. As it is necessary for lawyers to use language with special care, this course can assure you that you will be able to communicate accurately and understand with precision what you read and hear.

Business Spanish

We now offer ‘Business Spanish’ courses online. In a world where globalization is playing a more important role, knowledge about intercultural differences and the Spanish language has gained importance rapidly and will even increase further in the near future!

The course Spanish for Businesses is geared toward entrepreneurs, executives, or practicing students whose businesses are conducted in Spain, in Latin America, or otherwise involve people who speak Spanish.

The intention is that you will not only understand the language, but also know how to apply it in the specific context of the business world. We will teach you how to do Business in Latin America and/or Spain!

DELE Preparation Courses

Get yourself prepared for the official DELE exam; we now offer DELE preparation courses online!

The Diplomas in Spanish as a Foreign Language (DELE) are official qualifications certifying the degree of competence and mastery of Spanish, and are granted by the Cervantes Institute on behalf of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport of Spain.

To prepare our students for the exams, we now offer DELE preparation courses online via Skype for students of all levels! We will work with the materials provided by the Cervantes Institute, exams from previous years, and special books. The courses are given by teachers who are familiar with the DELE-exam, the materials and the contents and they have all undergone specific courses and trainings in preparation for this course.