Monthly Subscriptions

Monthly subscriptions are ideal for students who want to regularly study Spanish by learning new grammatical structures or expressions. As in all courses, composition and conversation are very important to practice  grammar and pronunciation. We offer three plans.

  • You have a consistent number of classes per week.
  • Classes will be on a set day and time of your choosing.Changes may be made at the discretion of the teacher.
  • Classes will not be rescheduled if the student does not attend.

Plan Yo Amo Español

US $ 119.00

You have two classes per week.

Plan Tú y Yo

US $ 219.00

Two classes for you and two for your partner or friend, per week.

Plan Familia

US $ 229.00

Four hours per week for any family member.


Our prices are expressed in Guatemalan Quetzales with USD a reference. The balance reflected in your bank statement could slightly differ depending on the exchange rate for the day.