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Learn Spanish Online

  • Do you want to learn Spanish but cannot leave your country, work, or business?
  • Are you looking for online Spanish courses or just some Spanish lessons?
  • CELAS MAYA is a Spanish school that offers in-person and one-on-one classes. It has developed very well-structured online Spanish courses.
  • The online Spanish teachers are the same teachers who give in-person and one-on-one courses to students. They have great experience in developing courses that are tailored to each student’s level, needs, and interests. Their previous experiences make them skilled online tutors.

Options of Packages and Plans to Purchase.

We offer three options for packages: open courses, intensive courses, and monthly subscriptions, each of them with three plans.


Plan Luna

Plan Sol

Plan Estrella


Plan Jade

Plan Plata

Plan Oro


Plan Yo Amo Español

Plan Tú y Yo

Plan Familia