Open Packages

These packages are very flexible Students can organize their time and schedule classes around their availability They are ideal for students who want to learn Spanish at their own pace, as they can purchase the plan they have time for.

  • Schedule changes can be made up to four hours in advance.
  • Packages are valid for one year from purchase.
  • Plans can be purchased for 10, 30 or 50 hours.

Plan Luna

10 classes open course.
US $ 179.00

Make your own schedule. This package is ideal for improving your conversation skills with minimal grammatical explanations. Some homework is provided for reinforcement.

Plan Sol

30 classes open course.
US 499.00

This plan is most relevant for students who want to improve their speaking and listening skills. Although it includes grammatical explanations, it focuses more on conversation and reading.

Plan Estrella

50 classes open course.
US $ 799.00

This plan more deeply reviews of grammar and pronunciation. It develops the four linguistic abilities of reading, writing, listening, and speaking in Spanish.


Our prices are expressed in Guatemalan Quetzales with USD a reference. The balance reflected in your bank statement could slightly differ depending on the exchange rate for the day.