Language Programs

Celas Maya offers classes in Spanish and in the Mayan language of K’iche. We also offer a specially designed, one, two, or three week course for travelers (Traveler’s Spanish). Our philosophy is to connect language instruction with the culture of Guatemala. The personal needs, interests, and objectives of the students serve as a guide to structure a plan so that each student will realize his/her expected results.


Clases uno a uno

All of our language programs are based on a one to one approach that is personalized according to each student’s objectives, interests, and current language level. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced student, a program will be structured to meet your desired objectives. At the beginning of every week, a plan is made in agreement between teacher & student, to achieve certain results. At the end of each week, that same plan is reviewed and that provides a basis for the following week’s lesson plan.
Our teachers are all very experienced in our immersion program which emphasizes the practice of communication and interaction at all times. It is our experience that students progress faster by changing teachers periodically, at least every two weeks. This option is of course up to each student, but we believe it is very beneficial in the learning process.

Our Teachers….Our Team…Our Family

All of our teachers have at least 3 years of experience and some have as many as 12. Almost all hold a diploma in teaching Spanish as a foreign language from the University of San Carlos in Guatemala. Their knowledge of grammar and standard teaching methods is supplemented by their work experience in various fields such as administration, social work, psychology, literature and law.
We currently have over 20 teachers on our team and many of them have been with us for years, all with extensive experience and knowledge of Guatemalan history & culture, particularly as it pertains to the history & culture of the indigenous Maya civilization.
Most importantly, our teachers have stayed with Celas Maya over the years. We have experienced very little turnover which translates into very good camaraderie & rapport and a consistency of high quality results for our students. (click here for SpanishK’icheSpanish for Travelers  – DELE)

Materials & Resources

biblioteca_s1Over the years, Celas Maya has developed a vast library to assist our teachers and students. Our teachers and basic materials are supplemented by a large volume of grammar & vocabulary texts, history & culture books, novels, films, and various documentaries. All of these resources are available to our students for study or leisure purposes. Celas Maya, through its creative curriculum committee, has developed learning guides for language levels that use themes and topics based on real Guatemalan lifestyle- its culture, history geography, climate and wildlife. This makes for much more interesting learning for the student.