Introducing Guatemala

culture of guatemala - guatemalanThere are many great reasons to visit, travel and of course study Spanish in Guatemala. It is probably the most affordable country in Latin America in which to study Spanish & travel.
For its small size, Guatemala is extremely diverse in geography and climate. You can go from hot coastal plains and beaches to cool highland regions characterized by over 30 volcanoes to the tropical jungles of the Petén. Traveling is done easily and inexpensively. There is sufficient infrastructure and no problem finding transportation, hotels, restaurants and other needs. This can all be done in a manner that fits your particular budget.

One of the most unique characteristics of Guatemala is its indigenous population. Guatemala’s population is 65% indigenous, made up of 24 different indigenous groups speaking 24 different languages. For 500 years, since the Spanish conquest, the indigenous people have struggled for their rights and identity. In spite of this, they have kept their languages, customs, traditional clothing and religious ceremonies.

Guatemala is called the Land of Eternal Spring and it is a fascinating country because of its pleasant weather, vegetation, wildlife and diverse geography. You will discover that Guatemala is an interesting mixture of present and past with its majestic volcanoes, mountains, rivers, forests and lakes. You can experience views that are truly breathtaking. Ancestral cities of the mystical Mayan civilizations are plentiful throughout the country.

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