Intensive Spanish Courses

These are weekly courses that are tailored to the specific needs of students or professionals, whether they want to prepare for an interview, exam, or  presentation, or simply make the most of their free time. Students can choose to take five, 10 or 15 classes per week.

  • To start, we will evaluate your Spanish level.If you are a beginner, we suggest you have more classes per day.
  • According to the number of classes you take, they will be distributed between reading, composition, listening, expression, and oral interaction.
  • All plans are for one week. Plans may be bought for several weeks a time, but hours cannot be transferred from one week to another.
  • You cannot transfer hours from one week to another.

Plan Jade

Intensive course, 5 classes per week.
One class daily.
US $ 79.00

Let’s really assess your Spanish skills!

Plan Plata

Intensive course, 10 classes per week.
Two classes daily.
US $ 159.00

Challenge yourself to improve your Spanish level!

Plan Oro

Intensive course, 15 classes per week.
Three classes daily.
$ 229.00

You can’t imagine how much you will improve in one week!


Our prices are expressed in Guatemalan Quetzales with USD a reference. The balance reflected in your bank statement could slightly differ depending on the exchange rate for the day.