How to get here

celasOur Location

Celas Maya is located in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala — Guatemala’s second most populous city. Since Celas Maya is located in the heart of the city, getting here is relatively straightforward. Celas Maya is located about 2.5 blocks west of the Parque Central (El Parque Centroamérica) on Calle 6 between Avenidas 14 and 15 (click here to see a map of Xela). Our address and telephone number are as follows:
Celas Maya 6 Calle, 14-55, Zona 1 Quetzaltenango, Guatemala phone: +502 7765-8204, email:

Optional Celas Pickup Service

pic_21For your convenience, Celas Maya offers a pick-up service for students arriving at the airport from Guatemala City. There are two options. If your flight arrives after 11:30AM, you must choose Option 1, which includes an overnight stay in Guatemala City. If your flight arrives before 11:30AM, you may choose Option 2.


Option 1: Pick-up and overnight stay in Guatemala City.
Cost: USD $25 per person (you can pay our representative Patricia Olivero directly).

  • Pick up service at the airport by our representative Patricia or her son Alberto Olivero.
  • A room for the night in Patricia’s Guesthouse.
  • Breakfast.
  • Transportation to the bus station.

Option 2: Pick-up and travel directly to Quetzaltenango.
Cost: USD $10 per person (you can pay Patricia or Alberto directly).

  • Pick up service at the airport by our representative Patricia or her son Alberto Olivero.
  • Transportation to the bus station.

If you would like to use our pick-up service, please let us know your airline, the flight number, and your date and time of arrival (contact us). Our representative Patricia or her son Alberto will be at the airport with a sign with your name. Look for him or her after you get your luggage and come through customs to the area where the public and taxi drivers are congregated waiting to greet passengers.


  • Make sure you change about USD $50 into Quetzales before you leave the airport. Patricia will accept payment in either Quetzales or dollars, but you will need Quetzales to pay the taxi driver in Xela and to pay for any snacks or drinking water you might want during your bus ride.
  • You can pay Patricia or Alberto directly (USD 10/20).
  • This payment does not include your bus ticket to Xela. Please set aside 70Q for the ticket, which you will buy at the station.
  • You will need to plan for dinner in Guatemala City if you stay the night. Patricia has phone numbers to order pizza, Chinese, etc. or you can take a cab to a nearby restaurant or into the city. Patricia will serve you breakfast.
  • If you would like to contact your family and let them know you’ve arrived safely, it’s best to have your family try to call Patricia’s house.

From the States, dial 011 502 2261 4251 or 011 502 5402 3256. The latter is a cell phone, but your family will be able to speak English at this number.
From Europe, 00 502 2261 4251 or 00 502 5402 3256. The latter is a cell phone, but your family will be able to speak English.
It is free for Patricia to receive calls, but it will be very expensive for you to call home using a phone card.

Arriving from Guatemala City

Traveling from Guatemala City to Quetzeltenango is possible by first or second-class bus.
Alamo Guatemala City
12 Avenida “A” 0-65, Zona 7 Guatemala Ciudad
Phone: (502)2471-8626
Alamo Pullman buses from Guatemala City to Quetzaltenango (Xela) at the following times. The ride lasts about four hours. The cost is apprx. Q65, or US$9.

Morning: 6:15AM, 8:00AM, 10:30AM
Afternoon: 12:30PM, 3:00PM, 4:00PM, 5:30PM, 6:00PM (not recommended, you will arive after office hours)

By second-class bus

pic_23You may also travel by a second-class bus, known in English as a chicken bus and in Spanish as a “camioneta”. As these buses tend to be very crowded, we don’t recommend traveling this way, especially if you’re coming with luggage. If you must come by chicken bus, travel from the airport by taxi or shuttle to the main bus terminal at 4 Avenida and 7 Calle, in Zona 4. Buses to every part of Guatemala can be found here. Buses to Xela/Quetzaltenango are frequent and the ride lasts around four to five hours. You may be instructed to change buses midway through — don’t be alarmed! The cost will be minimal — under US $7.

Once you arrive at the bus terminal in Xela, walk through the large local produce market to the road at the other end and ask for a microbus to Parque Central (watch your belongings!). The fare will be about Q1.25. Note: Traveling by second-class bus can be an enjoyable way to see Guatemala if you are traveling very lightly, but if you have a bag of any size that wouldn’t be comfortable to hold on your lap, we recommend going first-class. Luggage on second-class buses is tied to the roof of the bus, where it can fly off, while backpacks and suitcases can be stowed more safely below a first-class bus. You also shouldn’t travel by first or second-class buses at night. If you’re still in Guatemala City by early afternoon, you should wait to travel until the next day. The phone number of our representatives Patricia and Alberto Olivero, who run a bed-and-breakfast guesthouse in Guatemala City, is 22614251 or 54023256.