Homestay Family

Homestay FamilyAt Celas Maya we believe that staying with a local Guatemalan family is a very important part of the learning process. While living with a family in their home you will experience first hand the lifestyle of a typical Guatemalan family. The opportunity to practice your Spanish skills with family members will greatly enhance your language progress. Guatemalans are very friendly and hospitable and you will be welcomed as one of their family during your stay. We have many families that have hosted our students for many years. Our standards are of very high quality and we continually monitor the quality of services provided by the host families mainly by way of weekly student survey feedback.

The host family provides a private room with a desk & lamp for studying, as well as a shower with hot water. You will be offered 3 meals a day, 7 days per week with purified drinking water.

The living conditions of an average family are equivalent to a working class U.S. family. Based on your needs & preferences we will match you with a family that is most compatible.

Celas Maya recommends the homestay experience to our students. We know from many years of experience that students will benefit from this experience in many ways. It is also very economical if you compare the costs of meals & lodging. Homestays are not at all mandatory but the choice of each student.