Guest House El Puente

A part of Celas Maya’s attractive facility is the Guesthouse El Puente which is a small hostel used primarily for student residency. It is located in the rear part of the main Celas Maya school building, situated in a beautiful garden area.

El Puente has 5 ample sized rooms with private bathrooms. Each room accommodates about 1-3 guests, depending if students want to share a room or not. There is also a shared space available with a shared bathroom for small groups or families.

The rates for the hostel are calculated per night per person, but there also are special monthly rates available.

The kitchen is shared and fully equipped, and there is a beautiful sunny garden for the guests of the hostel.

If you would like to make a reservation for our Guesthouse El Puente or have questions, please email us at

For more information and reservation: Guest House El Puente

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