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Special courses DELE

Celas Maya is one of the Cervantes Institute’s Accredited Centers, along with 30 other institutions around the world. This means that our teaching and facilities have been approved at European level by the Instituto Cervantes, and that students are guaranteed to receive high quality classes.

Do you always want to have an official Spanish title that you have renamed around the world? This is your chance!
Celas Maya Spanish School is an official examination center of the Instituto Cervantes, and offers the DELE-examen, the only official Spanish exam. The Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language (DELE) is issued by the Cervantes Institute on behalf of the Spanish Ministry of Education, Social Policy and Sports.

Instituto Cervantes is the official language and culture network of the Spanish Government, with centers throughout the world. The Cervantes Institute prepares students for the DELE (Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language), exams and awards for their own certificates to successfully complete each level.

The University of Salamanca collaborates with the Cervantes Institute in the development of exams and in the marking of examination tests. The diploma is internationally recognized. The exam is presented in the following levels of Spanish:

    • Spanish Diploma Level A1 (beginning level)
    • Spanish Diploma Level A2
    • Spanish Diploma Level B1 (Initial / Initial level)
    • Spanish Diploma Level B2 (Intermediate / Intermediate level)
    • Diploma of Spanish Level C1
    • Spanish Diploma Level C2 (Higher / Higher Level)

DELE preparation courses

The DELE exam is an official diploma obtained by taking the exam at Celas Maya Spanish School. The exam consists of specific topics in which the student will be tested. To prepare the student for the exam, special courses of preparation for the DELE-exam can be performed. We will work with the materials provided by the Cervantes Institute, exams from previous years, and special books.
The courses are taught by teachers who are familiar with the DELE exams, materials and content. Specific courses and trainings have also been carried out to prepare them for instruction.

It includes:

  • Specialized classes that correspond to the content and requirements of the DELE exam.
  • Teachers trained specifically in the preparation for the DELE.
  • Use of materials specially thought for the DELE.

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