Activities & Excursions

The full Spanish immersion process consists of 3 main parts: Spanish lessons, homestay with a local family and guided activities and excursions.

Weekly activities and weekend excursions give students a wonderful opportunity to experience the fascinating and rich culture of Xela as well as the Highlands of Guatemala. Our weekly activities are designed to help students experience the culture, traditions, lifestyle and history of Guatemalans in this region, with an emphasis on the great Mayan culture.

celas maya

Celas Maya owns and operates Icaro Tours and all of our weekly activities & weekend excursions are created and coordinated by the professional guides of Icaro Tours.

Every weekday in the afternoons we have activities planned for our students. They are optional of course but most students enthusiastically participate. Aside from the exposure to the rich Guatemalan culture it gives students the opportunity to bond outside of class and practice the Spanish they are learning.

Typical weekly activities include visits to various landmarks, indigenous cooperatives and markets in the Xela area, as well as visits to nearby indigenous villages, archeological sites and hot springs. We also offer weekly cooking demonstrations, Tuesday night movies, Wednesday night Salsa lessons and a weekly Friday night party with different themes to bid farewell to those who are leaving and to enjoy the company of our fellow students & teachers.