5 Vital Elements of Celas Maya Online

5 vital elements of Celas Maya

For Celas Maya Online, there are 5 vital elements that encompass our style and process of learning the Spanish language.

  1. Knowledge of the Content: A knowledge and grasp of the course content is one of the most fundamental essentials for a class to be favorable and exciting for any language student. We believe that content, structure and a well-rounded educational program are indispensable and central criteria to the overall success of our students.

  2. Professionalism and Work Ethic: A professional attitude and strong work ethic are two of the most relevant aspects of working online. Therefore, the vision and mission of Celas Maya Online- which reflect our commitment to maintaining the highest standard of professionalism and dedication possible- form the basis for our teachers who are truly focused on our student’s necessities.

  3. Familiarity with Technical Materials and Adequate Technology: Instruction is given through Skype, a crucial element in conducting classes online. Therefore, our teachers are familiar with the necessary media required to achieve a high level of satisfaction among our students,  while maintaining a balance between technical resources and personalized service. In addition, we have specialized techniques to resolve any possible inconveniences.

  4. Reliable administration: A competent and reliable administration that plans, organizes, develops, evaluates, and achieves the objectives of our students; objectives that are also ours. Our staff does its best to cater to each and every need a student may have, supporting and ministering to any situation that may arise.

  5. Educational material: Skype can be very efficient, but it is very important that the student is given other materials and media to use. These materials include homework, exercises, texts, and auditory materials, all of which serve to facilitate and accelerate the process and progression of attaining fluency in the Spanish language by establishing knowledge through practice and repetition. These resources, both auditory and written, are developed according to the interests and motivations of each student and are created by the teachers of Celas Maya Online.