Uno a uno: más humano, más efectivo.

Study Spanish in Celas Maya Spanish School

Celas Maya is a very unique Spanish school and is considered one of the best in Central America. Xela is also unique and considered the best place for Spanish immersion learn because of the local Mayan culture, the surrounding volcanic mountains, and the many volunteer opportunities.  It is located in the city of Quetzaltenango, commonly known as "Xela."

While studying Spanish in Xela you will have many opportunities to practice your Spanish because Xela is not an expensive English speaking tourist hotspot. (more on Xela & Quetzaltenango region)

At Celas Maya, we offer customized Spanish language immersion courses at every level of Spanish proficiency: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. We believe our immersion approach is very unique and of a very high quality.

Uno a uno: más humano, más efectivo

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Immersion and Diversion in Xela

learning spanishThe word "diversión" in Spanish means fun and at Celas Maya we believe that having fun is a very important part of the immersion process. Our normal class schedules run Monday – Friday, 4-5 hours per day, so that leaves ample time to enjoy the local culture & beauty and practice your Spanish.

Celas Maya Spanish School, through its travel and excursion agency, Icaro Tours, organizes weekly activities, excursions and tours for our students. (weekly activities)
We also offer our students the opportunity to live with a local Guatemalan family which greatly broadens your immersion experience and improves your Spanish communication ability.(Homestay)

Although Xela is not crowded with tourists there is a very active nightlife. There are many cafes, bars, restaurants and dance clubs that offer a wide variety of entertainment experiences at very affordable prices.

There are many opportunities to socialize with the very friendly and engaging Guatemalan people of Xela.

Spanish Immersion Programs

At Celas Maya, we offer customized Spanish language immersion courses at every level of Spanish proficiency: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. We believe our immersion approach is very unique and of a very high quality.

Our determination of success is based on the positive results that our students experience. Over the years we have developed an effective combination of one-on-one Spanish language classes, homestays with a local Guatemalan family and weekly activities and excursions.

Celas Maya is accredited by the Ministry of Education of Guatemala and is one of only two Spanish schools in Guatemala that is accredited by the Cervantes Institute, which allows us to teach and administer the DELE exams.
In addition to our one-on-one programs we also work with universities in the United States and Europe, hosting groups of students as part of their learn of spanish Abroad programs (more details about Celas Maya immersion courses & prices)

Celas Maya Official DELE Examination Centre

Celas Maya is one of the Accredited Centres of the Cervantes Institute, together with about 30 other institutions worldwide. This means that our teaching and facilities have been approved on a European level by the Cervantes Institute, and that students are guaranteed of receiving high quality classes.

Student Resources

studying spanish with booksCelas Maya Spanish School has an extensive selection and quantity of resources to support our students' learning process. We have a library with two sections. One section conists of Spanish language dictionaries and various Spanish grammar & vocabulary books, all with English translations and explanations. The second section consists of Latin American literature & history books with an emphasis on Guatemalan history,culture & stories.

We also have many Latin American & Guatemalan culture and history books in English. Most importantly, Celas Maya has created our own learning texts divided into four volumes, for beginner, intermediate, advanced and superior levels. The topics and themes used in these texts are centered around Guatemalan culture. Last but not least, Celas Maya has an extensive DVD library with a collection of over 200 movies in Spanish & English audio & subtitles, that students can view in the very comfortable video room adjacent to Cafe Guru, our internet cafe. Speaking of Cafe Guru, this seems to be our students favorite gathering place.

Cafe Guru is spacious but with warm & comfortable sitting areas for students to mingle. Equipped with several computers with high speed internet connection and Skype enabled.
Cafe Guru is a full service cafe offering a broad selection of coffee drinks, fresh juices and healthy snacks.

Online Spanish Lessons

spanish classes onlineIf you can't be here in person, Celas Maya offers the same one to one customized Spanish learn programs via Skype with one of our experienced Spanish teachers. The same results-oriented methodology that we use here at our school is also used within our online sessions. You can take your Spanish lessons from the comfort of your home, office or anywhere you can receive a high speed internet connection (click here for more details).


Online Spanish Classes via Skype

Personal Spanish tutors are available 7 days a week, whenever you need them

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