More than 500 million people would like to hear from you!

Learn Spanish via Skype with native teachers, trained and certified by Instituto Cervantes.

More than 500 million people would like to hear from you!

Learn Spanish via Skype with native teachers, trained and certified by Instituto Cervantes.


Celas Maya is a school specialized in the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language in the one to one modality via Skype.

Learning Spanish with CELAS MAYA means having clear and fast results with our 75-25 COMMUNICATIVE methodology. This is because you will use Spanish starting from the first lesson, the one who does the majority of the speaking is you and not just the teacher.

You start with a phrase that you may already know or that you will know from the first message or first encounter with us, phrases such as the following:

    • Cuéntame de tu vida.
    • Hoy es un día maravilloso.
    • Hoy es un día de oportunidades.
    • Hoy es el mejor día de mi vida.
    • ¿Cuál es tu palabra favorita?
    • ¿Cómo se dice en español?
    • A mi me gusta hablar español.
    • La vida es bella.
    • ¿Qué actividad es la más productiva en tu día a día?

You have great potential in Spanish, which we will discover with you and help you grow your abilities. If you work with the Spanish that is within you, if you develop the language with topics that really interest you, you will advance much faster. This is not a secret, but it requires research, reflection, and experience in order to perform it properly.

Start right now! We guarantee you will not leave without learning at least 7 sentences and phrases in your test class.

To start, we give you a free 45-minute class to experience our online Spanish program and our system. According to the level evaluation made by the teacher, they will choose the syllabus that corresponds to your level and with that information they will make a plan for the hours you want to take. We have 6 levels from A1 to C2.

The plan includes your interests, your level, and the learning style that best fits your profile. To know the type of learner you are, you can take the test on our website and also to determine your level of Spanish. These exams can be found on our website.

Celas Maya will send the e-book corresponding to your level. You will also receive the access code to the interactive platform of Celas Maya that has many exercises and online activities and a series of PodCasts with various themes suitable for your level.

Classes are scheduled according to your availability, this means that you can modify your schedule 4 hours in advance as we know that you have other responsibilities and we want to be flexible with your time. However, we ask students to be disciplined in moving forward with their learning and especially with the development of their skills with the Spanish language.

CELAS MAYA teachers are instructors of Spanish as a foreign language, with a DELE examiner code from Instituto Cervantes, and they have also taken specialized courses to become ELE teachers. They have many years of experience in teaching Spanish one on one, in person and also online.

Many of our students tell us that Guatemalans are special people, there is no logical explanation, only that they feel different. Maybe it’s because we laugh, we smile, sometimes we are a bit dramatic.

It is probably because we have a beautiful country, a country full of colors, aromas, and flavors. “Guatemalans have something but I don’t know what it is,” a Caribbean student recently said: García Marquez also once said, “Ah, the students, hard to live with them but impossible to live without.”

Choose the package that is best for you from our three options: open courses, intensive courses and monthly subscriptions. Follow this link.

Fill out our form or send us a message to schedule a free class.  If it is what you are looking for, you can purchase a package or monthly subscription. In your first paid class, your teacher will provide resources and codes to access our online content.